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Fitness Ball Racks of Structural PVC Construction

Fitness Ball Racks of Structural PVC Construction

4 Level                       3 Level                                                  Double 4 Level                           2 Level


Fitness Ball Racks of Structural PVC Construction

        Lead Free Made in the USA


Lightweight and durable, these racks make storage and organization easy. Please note: these racks are designed to support only body balls. Do not allow children or adults to climb or stand on racks. Some easy assembly required. Now availalbe in all white or  with gray pipe and black fittings.(Balls not included.)

2 level - 18” w X 63” L X 32” H - holds 4 of the 65cm balls or 6 of the 55cm balls
KDR002 $88.00 ea. [Add to Cart]  

3 level - 18” w X 63” L X 56” H - holds 9 of the 55cm or 6 of the 65cm balls
KDR003 $118.00 ea. [Add to Cart]  

4 level - 18” w X 63” L X 81” H - holds 12 of the 55cm or 8 of the 65cm balls
KDR004 $145.00 ea. [Add to Cart]  

Double 3 level - 18” w X 126” L X 56” H - holds 18 of the 55cm or 12 of the 65cm balls
KDR023 $175.00 ea. [Add to Cart]   

Double 4 level - 18” w X 126” L X 81” H - holds 24 of the 55cm or 16 of the 65cm balls
KDR024 (NOT PICTURED) $195.00 ea. [Add to Cart]  

Casters for the single Ball Racks–make your ball rack mobile.

KDC005 $22.00 (Set of 4) [Add to Cart]   

Casters for the double e Ball Racks–make your ball rack mobile.

KDC006 $33.00 (Set of 6) [Add to Cart]   


Custom Racks are available, call with your requirements.


Swing Arm tube and jump rope accessory

Swing Arm tube and jump rope accessory

These Swing arms can be added to any of our PVC ball racks that have not been glued together. Just pop the corner fitting and install on the vertical member and replace corner fitting. Sold in pairs. Save 10% when ordering with any of the ball racks.   


KST250  Swing arms  $20.00 pr [Add to Cart]   


PVC Fitness Ball Wall Rack

PVC Fitness Ball Wall Rack

The wall mounted rack for fitness ball storgage.  Rack bolts to the wall, holds 4 or more balls depending on size.  Measures 107 " long x 18.5" wide.   

Easy assembly required  Will not support medicine balls.


BWR300  ball rack   $59.00 ea. [Add to Cart]   


Fitness Ball PVC TREE

Fitness Ball Tree




Fitness Ball Trees

Our lead free PVC Fitness ball tree is perfect for the small gym or studio. It will store 3 fitness balls from sizes 45cm to 75 cm in any combination. There is no need to un-stack all the balls when you need to use the one on the bottom or middle level.  It is constructed from Lead Free structural PVC tubing.  Requires 1 screw to secure to the wall. The compact tree will store 3 fitness balls in the floor space of one. It measures 20 inches x 15inches by 79 inches tall.  Now available in all white or with gray pipe and black fittings. Balls not included.  Ships unassembled.


KFT003  fitness ball tree $ 78.00 ea. [Add to Cart]




Fitness Ball Base

Fitness Ball Base

This base for fitness balls provides stability for those who need to keep the ball stationary. Perfect when using the ball as a desk chair, or when the ball is used in high traffic areas. The bottom of the base is slotted to allow use of therapy strips, or fitness tubes for added resistance in strength training.

KBBS01-Small base for balls sized 45-55 cm $27.00 ea. [Add to Cart]  

KBBS05-Large base for balls sized 65-75 cm $32.00 ea. [Add to Cart]  






Ball Stacker SetBall Stacker Set


A durable, transparent plastic set of three ball stackers used to neatly save space while storing fitness balls.

MBS200 $ 19.95 set
[Add to Cart]  






Fitness Ball Inflation GuideFitness Ball Inflation Guide

Our unique inflation guide can be used to properly inflate 45, 55, 65 and 75 cm fitness balls.

Takes the guesswork out of inflating fitness balls. No more converting centimeters to inches or figuring radiuses and diameters. Our guide has adjustment marks for the most popular sizes of fitness balls. Just adjust strap to the ball size place ball inside the strap and inflate the ball until the strap is snug around the ball.

KBT457…$2.49 ea.    
[Add to Cart]


           Ball Plug Remover

Ball Plug Remover

KBF651 $1.00 ea.
[Add to Cart]  



Hand Pump

Perfect for fitness balls and other small inflatable items. Includes needle for medicine balls.

KBPML $4.95 ea. [Add to Cart]  

Speed Pump

                  Dual Action pump puts air out with the push and pull of the pump. Ideal for inflating fitness balls

LBP230 $7.50 ea. [Add to Cart]


Heavy Duty Dual Action Push Pull Air PumpHeavy Duty Dual Action Push Pull Air Pump

Ideal for use on large inflatables. Continuous stream pumps air on both the up and down strokes.

$19.95 ea. [Add to Cart]  

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