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     VTX Wall Balls

VTX Wall Balls                               

The VTX Wall Balls by Troy Barbell is an incomparable blend of affordable style and unmatched quality.They are available in multiple sizes. Each ball is 14 inches in diameter and are larger than our other medicine balls. Made from a durable synthetic leather and heavy duty stitching. They are a perfect ball for traditonal medicine ball exercises as well as catching and holding during crunches. They have a 1 year warranty against defects in manufacturing. They are a tough medicine balls  but are not slam balls. Slamming exercises are not covered under the warranty.         

WBA004–4 lb black/yellow.   $46.00 ea. [Add to Cart]

WBA006– 6 lb black/ypurple.   $49.00 ea. [Add to Cart]

WBA008– 8 lb black/maroon   $52.00 ea. [Add to Cart]  

WBA010– 10 lb black/black      . $55.00 ea .[Add to Cart]

WBA012– 12 lb black/orange   $57.00 ea. [Add to Cart]  

WBA014–14 lb black/green.   $60.00ea. [Add to Cart]  

WBA016– 16 lb black/red. $64.00 ea. [Add to Cart]

WBA018– 18 lb black/gray. .. $69.00 ea. [Add to Cart]  

WBA020– 20 lb black/blue   $73.00 ea. [Add to Cart] 


15% Discount When Ordering 5 or More Mix & Match sizes


 VTX Wall Ball Storage Rack



The VTX heavy duty 12 ball tree is 65" tall and has a stable 42" diameter base. It has a capacity of 600 lbs and can handle any of our medicine balls. The rack weighs 675 pound and ships unassembled.


WBA090– 12 ball tree   $319.00ea. [Add to Cart] 


15% Discount When Ordering  with 5 or More Wall Balls

AeroMat Double-Grip Medicine Balls

AeroMat Double-Grip Medicine Balls

This new unique design of a traditional medicine ball incorporates two handgrips for more functional training. The dual handgrips are ideal for abdominal training, torso rotation, core strength and strength training. 10 weights to choose from.  Made from synthetic rubber and does not bounce. 9” Diameter.

DGP006– 6 lb black/red.   $39.00 ea. [Add to Cart]

DGP008– 8 lb black/orange.   $43.00 ea. [Add to Cart]  

DGP010– 10 lb black/yellow.  . $47.00 ea .[Add to Cart]

DGP012– 12 lb black/teal.   $56.00 ea. [Add to Cart]  

DGP014–14 lb black/blue.   $63.00ea. [Add to Cart]  

DGP016– 16 lb black/purple.  . $68.00 ea. [Add to Cart]

 DGP018– 18 lb black/green. .. $72.00 ea. [Add to Cart]  

DGP020– 20 lb black/olive.   $80.00 ea. [Add to Cart] 

DGP025–25 lb black/bronze.   $87.00ea. [Add to Cart]  

DGP030– 30 lb black/gray.   $94.00 ea. [Add to Cart]  

15% Discount When Ordering 5 or More Mix & Match sizes


Elite AeroMat Medicine Balls





The AeroMat Elite  Medicine balls feature a thicker textured rubber for better gripping and handling. They are nylon re-inforced  to help prevent splitting and cracking. They are well balanced and maintain thier round  shape. Excellent for throwing and catching  exercises and working with rebounders. These Elite Medicine balls are NOT warranted for slamming exercises. Available in 11 weights. They are black with colored weight imblems. The 2-4 lb size are 7.75" diameter, the 6-12 lb size are 9 " diameter, the 15-18 lb size are 10" diameter and the 20-30 lb siae are 10.8" diameter.

AEM002– 2 lb black/red.   $22.00 ea. [Add to Cart]  

AEM004– 4 lb black/orange.  $27.00 ea..[Add to Cart]  

AEM006– 6 lb black/yellow.  . $35.00 ea .[Add to Cart]  

AEM008– 8 lb black/purple.  . $45.00 ea .[Add to Cart]  

AEM010– 10 lb black/blue.  . $50.00 ea .[Add to Cart]  

AEM012– 12 lb black/green.  . $56.00 ea .[Add to Cart]

AEM015– 15 lb black/gray.  . $70.00 ea .[Add to Cart]

AEM018– 18 lb black/cooper.  . $80.00 ea .[Add to Cart]  

AEM020– 20 lb black/yellow.  . $94.00 ea .[Add to Cart]  

AEM025– 25 lb black/cooper.  . $134.00 ea .[Add to Cart]

ADM030– 30 lb black/blue.  . $176.00 ea .[Add to Cart]


15% Discount When Ordering 5 or More Mix & Match





Our VTX slam balls are a tough rubber medicine ball that are intended for high- impact slamming and throwing exercises.  These balls offer a no-bounce design and a textured surface to provide a superior grip.  They can be used in tradtional non-bounce medicine ball exercises as well as Cross training throw downs, slamming and dead ball workouts. They are available in 8 weights.The 10 lb to 30 lb are 9 inches in diameter and the 35 lb to 50 lb are 10 inches in diameter. They are black in color and come with a 90 day warranty on original ball purchase .They can be used with the Slam Ball Bag for even more challenging workouts.


VSB010   10 lb Slam ball...... $28.00 ea. [Add to Cart]

VSB015   15 lb Slam ball...... $37.00 ea. [Add to Cart]

VSB020   20 lb Slam ball...... $46.00 ea. [Add to Cart]

VSB025   25 lb Slam ball...... $56.00 ea. [Add to Cart]

VSB030   30 lb Slam ball...... $60.00 ea. [Add to Cart]

VSB035   35 lb Slam ball...... $69.00 ea. [Add to Cart]

VSB040   40 lb Slam ball...... $73.00 ea. [Add to Cart]

VSB050   50 lb Slam ball...... $82.00 ea. [Add to Cart]


10% Discount When Ordering 5 or More Mix & Match sizes




The Slam Ball bag is a rugged 26" long x 9"  diameter canvas bag with handle holds on each end and two in the middle of the bag.  The bag has a maxium weight cacacity of 85 lbs. It is designed to hold up to 3 of the Slam balls or 85 lbs of the sand bags.

SBS100 -Bag only ..$ 29.00    [Add to Cart]


Save 15% off the bag  when purchased with 3 or more Slam balls.


Aeromat™ Petite Weight Balls

Soft and comfortable weighted balls that can fit in your hand. Use to improve core strength, Aeromat™ Petite Weight Ballsfunctional movement, muscle tone and flexibility. Compact size makes these balls great for use at home or when traveling. Aeromat™ Petite Weight BallsGranular filled balls, air may be added with a needle air pump. Available in 5 different weights. Each ball comes with instruction sheet of exercises.

KBW002-2lb green 4 inch
$7.00 ea. [Add to Cart]  

KBW003-3lb red 4.5 inch diameter
$9.00EA [Add to Cart]   

KBW004-4lb purple 4.5 inch diameter
$10.00EA [Add to Cart]  

KBW005-5lb blue 4.5 inch diameter
$14.00EA [Add to Cart]   

KBW006-6lb yellow 4.5 inch diameter
$16.00 ea. [Add to Cart]  


10% off 8 or more balls

15% off 16 or more balls

mix and match for quantity discount



Three level weight ball storage rack is made from lightweight structuralPVC pipe. It measures 27 ½ inches long by 11 ½ inches deep and 33 inches tall. Will hold 30 of the Aeromat ™ weighted balls. Some assembly required. Available with casters for easy mobility.

KDR500. $99.00 ..[Add to Cart  

Casters for the single Ball Rack–make your ball rack mobile.

KDC005 $22.00 (Set of 4) [Add to Cart]  


EcoWise™ Deluxe Medicine Balls


EcoWise™ Deluxe Medicine Balls


EcoWise™ Deluxe Medicine Balls

The EcoWise™ medicine balls are made from a patented Neuwa material that is 100% Latex, PVC, Phthalates and Chloride free. They feature a textured surface for improved gripping and they are well-balanced and maintain their round shape.  They are an essential tool for core and upper body strength training.

EMB002         2LB Sunflower/Black     
$ 25.00 ea. [Add to Cart]

EMB004         4LB Tangerine/Black     
$ 28.00 ea.
Add to Cart

EMB006         6LB Kiwi/Black               
$36.00 ea.
[Add to Cart]  

EMB008         8LB Lime/Black              
$ 45.00 ea. [Add to Cart]  

EMB010        10LB Aloe/Black             
$ 50.00 ea.
[Add to Cart]  

EMB012        12LB Blue /Black            
$ 60.00 ea. [Add to Cart]  

EMB015        15LB Iris/Black                
$ 65.00 ea. [Add to Cart]  


10% off 5 or more balls   mix & match for discount

Rubber Medicine Balls

Rubber Medicine Balls

Medicine balls are a great multipurpose training tools that can be used alone or with a partner to improve core strength, functional movements, reaction time, and coordination. These synthetic weather resistant rubber covered medicine balls bounce. Textured surface for easy gripping. Available in 7 different weights. Not warranted for ball slamming.

KMB001–1 kg. (2.2 lbs.) $19.00 ea. [Add to Cart]

KMB002–2 kg. (4.4 lbs.) $26.00 ea. [Add to Cart]  

KMB003–3 kg. (6.6 lbs.) $36.00 ea. [Add to Cart]

KMB004–4 kg. (8.8 lbs.) $40.00 ea. [Add to Cart]

KMB005–5 kg. (11 lbs.) $46.00 ea. [Add to Cart]

KMB006–6 kg. (13.2 lbs.) $50.00 ea. [Add to Cart]

KMB007–7 kg. (15.4 lbs.) $63.00 ea. [Add to Cart]  


15% discount on 5 or more!


Standard Medicine Ball Tree

Standard Medicine Ball Tree

Made from steel and painted black, this tree will securely hold up to five large medicine balls. Also holds the 1kg medicine balls, too. The tree measures 11” x 14” x 52” tall, and the arms are approximately 9” long. Ships UPS. OS1 Weighs 23 lbs. (Balls not included, some assembly required)  Note: VTX Wall balls will not fit in this tree.

KMBT0...Tree only
$59.95 ea.     [Add to Cart]  




Standard Medicine Ball Tree Package

Package includes one (5 ball) tree with one each of the 2 thru 6 KG rubber medicine balls.

KMB160.$215.00 ea.  [Add to Cart]  


Standard Double Medicine Ball Tree PackageStandard Double Medicine Ball Tree Package


Package includes one (10 ball) tree with two each of the 3 thru 5 KG balls and one each of the 1 KG, 2 KG, 6KGand 7 KG rubber medicine balls.

KMB200…..$384.00 ea.   [Add to Cart]  



Standard Double Medicine Ball Tree

Double med ball tree holds up to 10 medicine balls. It is constructed of a single-piece of steel and is available in a white powder coated e finish. 11" x 18" x 52" tall . Note: VTX Wall balls will not fit in this tree.
(Balls not included, some assembly required)

KMBT02       Double Tree only... $69.95 ea.[Add to Cart]  

Heavy Duty Steel Medicine Ball Rack

Heavy Duty Steel Medicine Ball Rack


These medicine ball racks are great for medicine balls or basketballs. Constructed of 1 inch and 1.5 inch square structural steel tubing for lasting durability. 8” wide 54” long and 28” high. Painted white. Available with or without casters. Made in USA. Ships UPS. (balls not included)

KMBR05 rack with out casters
$199.95 ea. [Add to Cart]  

KMBRC7 rack with heavy duty casters
$ 239.95 ea. [Add to Cart]  


Rubber Medicine Ball Rack

Rubber Medicine Ball Rack

Made of lightweight, structural PVC. Some assembly required. 10-1/2” W x 43” L x 32-1/2” H (balls not included).




KDR300 $109.00 [Add to Cart]  

KDC005 $22.95 (SET of four) [Add to Cart]  



Deluxe AeroMat Medicine Ball RacksDeluxe AeroMat Medicine Ball Racks


The vertical design of these racks Deluxe AeroMat Medicine Ball Rackssaves on floor space.  They are durable, constructed from lightweight steel and are available in a 6 ball or 10 ball configuration.  The 6 ball rack is 12" x 11.8" x 66.3 " tall. The 10 ball rack is 21" x 11.8" x 56.5" tall.  Color is champagne. Ships unassembled,easy assembly required.


KMBR06  6 ball rack $95.00 ea. [Add to Cart]  KMBR10 10 ball rack $115.00 ea. [Add to Cart]  



20 Ball Tree20 Ball Tree

Stores up to 20 medicine balls in a clean and compact area of 18” x 18” x 50 “ tall. Heavy duty welded steel construction. Will hold medicine balls of all sizes and brands.

Balls not included. Ships motor freight.

KMBT50 $229.95 ea. [Add to Cart]  


The Great Medicine Ball HandbookThe Great Medicine Ball Handbook

This handbook gives the user a series of different medicine ball exercises to do alone or with a partner. While the focus is on the core muscles, it also has exercises to work the whole body. The Great Medicine Ball Handbook addresses proper instruction and safety concerns. Other sections include; rotator cuff exercises, stretching, a sample routine and muscle anatomy diagrams.

BMB500 $9.95 ea. [Add to Cart]





The Medicine Ball exercise poster features 12 basic exercises that will challenge and improve balance, develop overall strengh, and improve muscular cooridination. Each exercise uses easy to follow , full color images from start  to finish , along with step by step instructions detailing how to properly perform the movement. Laminated 24" x 36"

PMB133 Medicine ball poster  $19.95 ea. [Add to Cart]  



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