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13 inch diameter inflatable disc can be used to perform many of the fitness ball exercises while sitting in a chair. The disc has two different textured sides for tactile input. Easily filled withExerdisc small hand pump with a needle. Can also be used for balance exercises when standing.

KED030 $15.00 ea. |[Add to Cart]   


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Deluxe Exerdisc


Deluxe Exerdisc II

This Deluxe Exerdisc II has the same 13-inch diameter but It has one smooth surface and one tactile surface and it has a larger air capacity. This allows it to be more ball shaped making balance exercises more challenging.  The larger air capacity also allows the Deluxe Exerdisk to more minic the motion fitness balls. Easily filled with small hand pump with a needle.

KED065  ... $17.00 ea. 
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Core Stabilizing and Balancing Equipment

AeroMat™ Balance PadAeroMat™ Balance Pad

A smooth, closed-cell structure mat made of specialized foam used for exercises involving balance and standing stability. Mat measures 19” X 16” X 3”. Available in blue only. Instruction sheet included.

MAB200 $32.95 ea. [Add to Cart]  



EcoWise™ Deluxe Balance Pad

EcoWise™ Deluxe Balance Pad

EcoWise™ Deluxe Balance Pad

A   EVA  closed-cell foam balance pad. It Is great for rehabilitation, coordination and balance and core training.  The more you use them the more ways you find to use balance pads in your routines.  Mat measures 19” X 15” X 3”. Available in marble blue only.

MAB400  .. $49.00 ea. [Add to Cart]  




Airex™ Balance Pad



Soft, closed   EVA foam pads provide destabilizing properties, offering a proprioceptive challange to your workouts. The foam is moisture resitantant,protecting it  against odors. They are offered in regular size   (19" l x 16" w x 2.5" h) in 2 surface choices the regular and the Elite  with textured surface for a firm grip. and XL extra large size (39"l x 16" w 2.5" h) for increased size for standing or laying on the pad. Available in Blue only.


AMS019  Airex standard pad   .. $65.00 ea. [Add to Cart]  


AME033  Airex Elite textured pad   .. $72.00 ea. [Add to Cart]  


Airex™ Extra Long Balance Pad


AMX700  Airex XL (39x16x2.5) pad   .. $149.95 ea. [Add to Cart]  





CHANGO® Balance Board

By Dr. Ron Romero

The Chango® Balance Board is two balance boards in one. Designed to help improve your balance and proprioception of the hips, knees and ankles.  Balance on the large yellow ball orremove it and balance on the two wooden balls or remove them by unscrewing them from the board  and balance on the small yellow ball. The Chango® balance board helps to improve your balance for all sports and core stabilization and quicken reflex time.  The board is also useful for performing calf stretching and upper body strenghening by doing pushups on the board.Balance Board


Balance Board





The kit includes includes a 15" x 7" board with anti-slip foot pads and  

removable wooden fulcrums (two 1 7/8" diameter wooden balls), one large 3 3/4 inch diameter fulcrum and one small 2 3/4 inch diameter fulcrum. The increased angle of tilt in all directions of the Chango® Balance Board makes it one of the most challenging balance boards on the market today. Used at all U.S. Olympic Training centers.


CBB200          $89.00 ea. [Add to Cart  




The Great Balance & Stability Handbook

The Great Balance & Stability Handbook

Offering a series of Balance and Stability exercises for both beginning and advanced users, this handbook covers the use of many different products, such as the BOSU® ball, balance pads or inflatable cushions such as the Disc’o’sit, and wobble boards or balance boards. It also features muscle anatomy diagrams, safety tips and easy to follow step-by-step instructions. It often illustrates two different sets of exercises for two different levels of exercises—novel or advanced. Also lets the reader know what muscles are worked during each exercise. 61 pages. Copyright 2003.

BBS600 $9.95 ea. [Add to Cart]  


Stretch Out Strap™Stretch Out Strap™

The easiest and best way to stretch out all your major muscle groups. Perform “partner resistance stretching” without the partner. Gain more flexibility and relieve sore, tight muscles.

Stretch Out Strap™ with booklet (28 illustrated exercises)

RSS350    $14.95 ea. [Add to Cart]  


Stretch Out Strap™ with laminated poster showing 20 most used stretches.

RSP605  strap & poster   $13.95 ea. [Add to Cart]  



The Dynamic Stretching™ StrapThe Dynamic Stretching™ Strap

This stretching strap has elastic pockets, making it easier to use than other stretch straps, and allows the strap user to ease into a stretch. The elastic pockets permits dynamic rather than static stretching, and is designed for "facilitated stretching"—an active form of stretching that uses isometric contractions to achieve greater flexibility gains from static stretching alone. Includes instruction sheet. Colors vary.

DSS074 $7.00 ea. [Add to Cart]  

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ProStretch® Leg Stretching Systems
ProStretch® Leg Stretching Systems

Stretches leg muscles easier and more effectively than other methods. Improves flexibility, and can help to alleviate ailments in lower extremities. Exercise one leg alone (PST100), or both simultaneously (PST200).

PST100 single $29.95 ea. [Add to Cart]  

PST200 dual (Includes video) $59.95 ea. [Add to Cart]  


10% discount available on 10 or more.





CHANGO® Balance Hemisheres


CHANGO® Balance Hemisheres
by Dr. Ron Romero

The Chango™ Balance Hemispheres  area dimpled  4 inches wide and 2 inches tall domes. They be used under balance boards or can be grouped together as a cobblestone to stand on or walk on.  Provides  a CHANGO® Balance Hemisheresgreat tool for balance and motor skill development.

CBH402 1 hemishpere $7.00 ea. [Add to Cart]  

CBH466 set of 6 hemishperes $32.00 set .

[Add to Cart]  


Polymer Wobble Board

Polymer Wobble Board

This is a new wobble board made of high density polymer (plastic) material with interchangeable color coded pivot domes. Available in a 12 degree, 16 degree or 20 degree pivot domes.


PWB012-polymer wobble board with 12 degree dome
$49.00 ea. [Add to Cart]  

PWB016-polymer wobble board with 16 degree dome
$49.00 ea. [Add to Cart]  

PWB020-polymer wobble board with 20 degree dome…………… $49.00 ea. [Add to Cart]  

PWB003-polymer wobble board with all 3 domes
$65.00 ea. [Add to Cart]  





Extra Long Balance Board

Extra Long Balance Board


Provides instability with a 2" high durable wodden fulcrum permanently attached to a 28" x 11" x 1" wooden platform with an anti-slip foot placement tread.

MAB025 $29.95     [Add to Cart]





Large 17 inch x 15 inch wood surface with 1 ½ inch fulcrum provides large base for performing rehabilitative and proprioceptive exercises. Board may be used in side-to-side and front to back motions.

DSB025      32.00 ea.   [Add to Cart]  


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