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Aerobic Weighted Bars & Sets

Troy Lite™ Workout System with Quiet Iron ™ Grip Plates



Troy Lite™ Workout System with Quiet Iron ™ Grip Plates


The Troy Lite Workout System features the black oxide painted “lite” bar which has a maximum capacity of 80 lbs. yet weighs only 5 lbs. The 54” length bar makes it ideal for use in group exercises. The compact Troy Quiet Iron™ rubber enclosed Grip weights help prevent damage to the floor and equipment and take up little space. The spring collars safely hold the rubber plates on the bar but allow for quick changing of the plates.



40 lb Aerobic “Lite “ Set consists of (1) lite bar, (2) spring collars, (2) 2.5 lb, (2) 5 lb, and (2)10 lb. rubber encased Grip plates (40 lbs. total).

TLS045 $120.00 set [Add to Cart]  



Set of ten - 40 lb Aerobic “Lite “ Set consists of (10) lite bars, (20) spring collars, (20) 2.5 lb, (20) 5 lb, and (20)10 lb. rubber encased Grip plates

TLS100      Set of 10- 40 lb Lite Sets $1080.00 [Add to Cart]  


Set of twenty - 40 lb Aerobic “Lite “ Set consists of (20) lite bars, (40) spring collars, (40) 2.5 lb, (40) 5 lb, and (40)10 lb. rubber encased Grip plates and Troy Lite storage rack

TLS0500  20 Sets of 40 lb TROY LITE and 1 Storge rack  $ 2,600.00set      [Add to Cart]   

The Group sets ships via motor freight. We will call with freight quote before processing  your order.


Troy Lite™ Storage System

Troy Lite™ Storage System


The new design freatures easy access to the weights and bars.  It meaures 66” long x 20” wide x 59” tall, heavy gauge construction. Ships unassembled. Holds up to 160 standard plates, 23 bars. Gray powder paint finish. Assembly required.

(Bars & Plates are not included)

TLS501 $489.00 ea. [Add to Cart]  

This item ships via motor freight we will call     with freight quote before processing  order.


Troy Aerobic Weighted Bars


Troy Bars Troy Bars

Perfect addition to any group or individual exercise regimen. The premium TROY Bar incorporates the functionality and results of standard aerobic weight systems in a convenient and easy to use bar. The TROY Bar features a solid steel core for evenly distributed weight, and is covered in soft black foam for long lasting durability and added comfort. Each bar contains black rubber end caps that exhibit a unique, color-coded rubber number in addition to a colored label sleeve. The colored rubber numbers, unrivaled by any bar, ensure weight differentiation ease even after repeated use. Ideal for performing various exercises including sit ups, squats, lunges and upper body exercises.

Available in 8 sizes:

WBU004-Aerobic Bar – 4 lbs. 3FT-8 INCHES Yellow $21.75 ea. [Add to Cart]

 WBU006-Aerobic Bar – 6 lbs. 3FT-10 INCHES Orange $25.50ea. [Add to Cart]

 WBU009-Aerobic Bar – 9 lbs. 4FT Green $30.00 ea. [Add to Cart]  

WBU012-Aerobic Bar – 12 lbs. 4FT Blue $33.00 ea. [Add to Cart]

WBU015-Aerobic Bar – 15 lbs. 4FT Pink $36.00 ea. [Add to Cart] 

WBU018-Aerobic Bar – 18 lbs. 4FT Red $39.00 ea. [Add to Cart]  

WBU022-Aerobic Bar – 22 lbs. 5FT Purple $42.000 ea. [Add to Cart]  

WBU027-Aerobic Bar – 27 lbs. 6FT Fuchsia $49.50 ea. [Add to Cart]  

10% off 20 or more. Mix sizes for quantity pricing

15% off 30 or more. Mix sizes for quantity pricing


Troy Lite Bar, Plates & Accesories

TROY LITE BAR  54 inch long bar , 5 lbs, 80 lb maximum capacity

TLB005 $38.00 ea. [Add to Cart] 




Troy Lite Quiet Iron™ Rubber Enclosed Grip Weights, sold in pairs

TLW002 2.5 lb. $11.25pr. . [Add to Cart]  

TLW005 5 lb. $22.50 pr.  [Add to Cart]  

TLW010 10 lb. $45.00 pr. [Add to Cart]  

Troy Lite Spring Lock Collars, fits 1 inch diameter standard bars

TLC100 $4.00pr. [Add to Cart]  


Muscle Clamps Lock Collars, fits 1 inch diameter standard bars


Muscle Clamps for 1 inch bars

ASM100 $36.00pr. [Add to Cart]  


Troy Lite Micro Loading Add on 1 1/4 lb Black Cast iron plates,

fits 1 inch diameter standard bars, sold in pairs

TLW001 $3.00pr. [Add to Cart]  


High Density Foam Bar Pad with removable cover


High Density Foam Bar Pad with removable cover,

14 inches long, fits 1 inch diameter bars

ABP690    $13.00 ea. . [Add to Cart]  



Troy Lite VTX Plate Rack

Troy Lite VTX Plate Rack

Sturdy A frame plate rack holds 40 or more 1 inch thick standard plates. Compact size is 18"wide x 23 inches long x 35" tall. Assembly required.

EPR419    $65.00 ea. [Add to Cart]  






The Great Barbell Handbook

The Great Barbell Handbook

A quick reference guide to barbell exercises that offers an in-depth look at many of the components to strength training, including a section devoted to stretching exercises. This detailed handbook features a selection of barbell exercises for each body part, with step-by-step instructions on how to perform each exercise correctly. Includes a section on how to set up your own barbell exercise routine, a section of safety tips for weight training, and one on how to stay motivated and focused. 61 pages.

BBB600 $9.95 [Add to Cart]  





The Aerobic Weight Bar cart has a 500lb capacity and will safely store and transport weight bars. It is constructed of structural grade PVC plastic. The six, heavy-duty casters and thick, impact resistant base plate give the cart a low center of gravity to help keep it stable. The cart measures 26”long x 19 inches wide and 39 inches tall, and will easily pass through a standard doorway. It has twelve 4 inch x 4.5 inch grids for holding aerobic weight bars of all sizes. Some assembly required.


WBC085………$199.00 ea.         [Add to Cart]  



The Troy Bar Rack

The Troy Bar Rack










The Troy Bar Storage rack hold up to 24 Bars.

for easy access.  Grya powder coated, easy assembly.  45 lbs


WBU900 $179.00 ea. [Add to Cart]  



Hampton GEL-BARSHampton GEL-BARS

New lower Prices

5 year commercial warranty

Introducing Hampton Fitness GEL-BARS a balanced weighted aerobic bar in eight translucent colors.  The only urethane gripped fitness weight bars backed by a 5-year commercial warranty have the most durable coating of any aerobic bar in the industry.  Not only do they look sharper for longer they help protect floors & equipment from scratches. The Hampton Gel bars feature strategically placed grips to take the guesswork out of positioning your hands during your workout. They are available in 8 weights in 2.5 lb increments from 5lbs to 20 lbs with a 25 lb bar also available. They are perfect for group exercise toning classes and for exercises like curling, squatting, lunges and use with the Step.

GEB005   red 5 lb bar  42 inches long               $51.00 ea. [Add to Cart]  

GEB075   blue 7.5 lb bar  47 inches long          $60.00 ea. [Add to Cart]  

GEB010   green 10 lb bar  42 inches long         $68.00 ea.[Add to Cart]  

GEB125   orange 12.5 lb bar  40 inches long   $77.00 ea.[Add to Cart]  

GEB015   purple 15 lb bar  47 inches long        $85.00 ea.[Add to Cart]  

GEB175  yellow 17.5 lb bar  53 inches long      $94.00 ea.[Add to Cart]  

GEB020   black 20 lb bar  60 inches long          $102..00 ea.[Add to Cart]

GEB025   gray 25 lb bar  68 inches long            $111.00 ea.[Add to Cart]  

10% Off 15 Or More Bars -Mix Sizes For Quantity Pricing



Gel-Bar rack

Gel-Bar rack

The GEL-BAR Rack can hold a total of 28 bars.  4 of each weight except the It can only accommodate 2 each of the 20 lb and 25 lb bars. It measures 25.5" wide x 26 " deep  x 41 Inches tall, weighs  47 lbs.

GBR100      Gel-Bar  rack        
$187.00 ea  [Add to Cart]  


GEL- BAR Studio Pack

Contains 7 bars (1 each 5lb to 20 lb) and the Gel-Bar rack. Perfect for a trainer's studio or small gym. Ships motor freight

GSP080                   $724.00 set  [Add to Cart]  


GEL- BAR  Club Pack

Contains 28 bars (4 each 5lb,7.5,10,12.5,15,17.5, 20 lb) and the Gel-Bar rack. Perfect for a Club.Ship motor freight

GSP099                   $2,335.00 set  [Add to Cart]  





Hampton GEL-PUMP SYSTEM, 20 User set

5 year commercial warranty


The Hampton Gel-Pump System features urethane coated grip plates with stainless steel hubs for easy access on and off the bar.  The attractive racking system rolls anywhere you are holding classes. The system includeds 20 of the Gel-pump bars which feature 7 strategically placed grips, 20 pairs each of the 2.5 lb, 5 lb and 10 lb urethane coated grip plates and 20 pairs of spring collars and the locking storage system..  Special Shipping  rates apply.   Please call for freight quote..


GPS030                   $5500.000 set  [Add to Cart]  




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