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Elite Aero Rollup MatElite Aero Rollup Mat

This is one of our best-selling Pilates mats. It is now Phthalate Free.  It is the perfect mat for the Pilates practitioner on the go! This mat has Velcro straps built-in for easy storage and transportation. It is thick enough to provide comfort during mat work, but also firm enough to provide a stable platform under foot. The mat measures 72" x 24" x 3/8" and is available in green, blue, purple or black. It is constructed of high density, non-slip, smooth textured foam.

MER072 $28.00 ea. [Add to Cart]

10% off 10-19 mats, 15% off on 20 or more.




Pilates Mini-Balls

Pilates Mini-Balls

Textured Latex Free

The textured latex free Pilates Ball helps to Improve balance, strength and flexibility.  This 9 Inch Inflatable ball Is an Ideal aid for Pilates core body workouts for toning abdominals and inner thighs.  The unique texture is very soft and pliable and allows for easy grasping.  The ball can be deflated quickly so it makes it easy to travel with.  The mini-ball Is one of the most versatile exercise props that we offer. Purple Color.

PDB790  ..... $8.00 ea. [Add to Cart]  

10% off 10 or more, 15% off 25 or more


FitBall Pilates Overball

FitBall Pilates Overball

FitBall Pilates OverballA pliable, 9” fit ball, ideal for use in Pilates mat workouts, especially designed to target the inner thighs and abdominal muscles. Colors may vary.


GOB009 $9.00 ea. [Add to Cart]  

10% off 10 or more, 15% off 25 or more





Our eye pillows are made from 100% pure  silk, and come in two types, scented and unscented. Each pillow has a removable cover that can easily be washed to increase the life of your pillow. The pillows measure 7 ½ inches long by 3 ¾ inches wide and filled with natural flax seeds, you'll find the soft and cooling shape will contour to your face with gentle pressure while blocking out the harsh light. Perfect for deep relaxation and meditation, eye pillows can also be used for headache relief.


Unscented Lilac eye pillow

YPU116   unsented pillow  $5.99 ea. [Add to Cart]  

Lavender scented eye pillows.

Same size as above  but are lightly scented with lavender for an for the effects of  aromatherapy. Lavender's balancing effect is perfect for chronic headaches - and is calming on the mind, body, and spirit. Dark blue only.


YPS220  Scented pillows $6.50 ea.   [Add to Cart]  

10% off 5 or more, 15% off 20 or more



Strengthen your inner thighs, chest and arms with this dual-padded Pilates circle.

Durable coated steel ring with soft, neoprene pads. Our circles are lightweight, portable, and comfortable to use. The circle provides approximately 10 lbs of tension.

PFC700… Regular Tensio n.. .$25.00 ea.  
[Add to Cart]  

10% off 5 or more, 15% off 20 or more

Deluxe Pilates Circles

Deluxe Pilates Circles


Strengthen your inner thighs, chest and arms with this dual-padded Pilates circle. It Is 14 1/2 Inch diameter ring with molded grips. The fiberglass ring structure offers more responsive resistance that a spring steel structure. Our circles are lightweight, portable, and comfortable to use. Instruction sheet Included.

PFC250  ... $29.00 ea. [Add to Cart]  

10% off 5 or more, 15% off 20 or more

 Hydro-Pilates™ Bands

Hydro-Pilates™ Bands

The new, safe and effective way to practice Pilates in the aquatic environment.

The Hydro-Pilates™ band is a state of the art band specifically made to hold up well in water and created for the use in the pool enabling users to conduct Pilates in an aquatic environment. They can also be used vertically indoors(on land) The bands come with illustrated exercise and instructions.

HYP010  ... $29.95 ea. [Add to Cart]  

 10% off 10 or more bands


Hydro-Pilates™ DVD

Hydro-Pilates™ DVD

by Ann Anthony

This DVD presents Pilates based exercise focusing on the the core in a vertical position. The dvd demonstrated the Hydro-pilates bands and noodle to create a Pilates reformer in the pool. Running time is 45 minutes.

HYP020  ...dvd $24.95 ea. [Add to Cart]  


Hydro-Pilates™ Training Kit

The kit includes the Hydro-pilates band, dvd and professional noodle.

HYP035  ...kit $59.00 ea. [Add to Cart]



Classic 1/8"Yoga Mats Classic 1/8"Yoga Mats

A premium, anti-stretching sticky yoga mat that maintains a closed-cell structure with a ribbed, non-slip surface. This ultra lightweight mat provides good cushioning and insulation. Mat is available in blue, purple, black ,and teal. Mats measures 68” X 24” X 1/8”.

YMC018 $14.00 ea. [Add to Cart]

10% off 5-19 yoga mats, 15% off 20 or more Yoga mats


Classic 1/4"Deluxe Yoga MatsClassic  1/4"Deluxe Yoga Mats

Deluxe Sticky   mats have the same closed-cell structure as the Classic™ mat, but are 1/4” thick. The mats measure 72” X 24” X 1/4” and are available in teal, purple, black, and olive green, dark blue, and red.

YMC014      $18.00 ea. [Add to Cart]  

10% off 5-19 yoga mats, 15% off 20 or more Yoga mats




This bag will carry either the 1 / 8” and 1 /4” yoga mats. It is made from a sturdy, breathable black mesh with a drawstring closure and shoulder strap.

YMM010…$2.00 ea.    [Add to Cart]  

15% off with the purchase of any yoga mat.




Deluxe Yoga BolstersDeluxe Yoga Bolsters

These full size, 100% cotton bolsters provide perfect support for many yoga postures and poses. They provide firm support but are soft enough to be quite comfortable. They feature removable covers for easy washing and have grasp handles on both ends. They are available in two shapes and two colors. The rectangular shape is 24” long x 6” high x 12” wide. er. Colors are Purple or Navy Blue.



YBR010…rectangular shape..$49.95 ea.



Yoga Blocks

Yoga Blocks

The Yoga block is an essential tool for yoga. Constructed of durable, closed-cell EVA foam with beveled edges, this block is firm, lightweight, and easy to pack for travel. The blocks are are 9” x 6”x 3" thick are available in three colors; blue, black or purple.


MAY400- 9” x 6” x 3” $10.00 ea. [Add to Cart]  

Extra Large Black Yoga Block  9" x 6" x 4"

MAY500-large size 9” x 6” x 4” $11.00 ea. [Add to Cart]  

10% off 5 or more, 15% off 20 or more




Yoga Multi-Color Blend Blankets

Yoga Multi-Color Blend Blankets

These Mexican-style blankets may be the most versatile of all the yoga props. They provide a stable, but yielding, surface for shoulder stands and can be used for a bolster in restorative poses. These high quality, heavy duty blankets feature bright colors and a high cotton blend for comfort. They are made from a soft non-irritating 50/50 cotton and acrylic blend fabric that is machine washable, gentle cycle . Approximately 50”wide x 80”long. Colors vary.

MYC260–Multi-Color Cotton/Acrylic Blend
$19.95 ea.     [Add to Cart]  

10% off 5 or more, 15% off 20 or more


Yoga D-Ring and Yoga Cinch straps are useful props for stretching and in many yoga poses. Available in two styles and three lengths.






Available in Natural Cotton color and Purple Color in 3 lengths 6 FT, 8FT, AND 10 FT 1 ½” WIDE

MYS156 …….6 foot ……..$7.00 ea. [Add to Cart]  

MYS180 …….8 foot ……..$8.00 ea. [Add to Cart]  

MYS110 …….10 foot ……..$10.00 ea. [Add to Cart]  

10% off 5 or more, 15% off 20 or more



Available in Natural Cotton color and Purple ColorNatural Cotton color in 3 lengths 6 FT, 8FT, AND 10 FT 1 ½” WIDE

MYS600……..6 foot….……….$7.00 ea.[Add to Cart]  

MYS800…..…8 foot ……………$8.00 ea.[Add to Cart] 

MYS106…..…10 foot …………$10.00 ea.[Add to Cart]   


10% off 5 or more, 15% off 20 or more



The Great Yoga HandbookThe Great Yoga Handbook

A great, comprehensive quick reference guide to yoga exercises that begins with the benefits and principles of practicing yoga, the proper breathing techniques, warm-up stretches and yoga practice sequences. Includes muscle anatomy diagrams and a section on yoga equipment and props. Each yoga posture includes a step-by-step how-to for each pose, and delineates the benefits of the pose and gives alignment guidelines to help you achieve and maintain each pose. Also gives modifications and variations of each posture if needed. 61 pages.

BYY600 $8.95 ea. [Add to Cart]  











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